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I’m JJ, an over-60 blogger and a plant-based vegan who cooks for myself (and occasionally a guest or three).

You too?

Then I can’t wait to share some delicious, small-portioned plant-based vegan recipes and cooking-for-one lifestyle tips. After all, I’m all about finding an easy way to vegan!

Let’s do this!

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Welcome to Easy Way To Vegan!

I’m JJ and I want to help you cook delicious and simple vegan dishes for 1-2 people.

I will also be sharing my favorite tips, tools, & kitchen tricks so you can see how easy it is to maintain a healthy vegan lifestyle.

Do you want to cook more vegan food but don’t know where to start?

Perhaps you are exploring a vegan diet because of ethical and environmental reasons?

Maybe you’re on a healing journey and looking for a quick & easy way to adopt a vegan diet?

Or are you a solo dweller who thinks it takes too much time to cook individual vegan meals?

Whatever your reason for visiting,

I’ve got you covered!

Please join me as I share lots of tasty, healthy, and easy vegan cooking tips and recipes.

If you represent a brand or have something you think my readers would benefit from, please reach out – I’d love to discuss a collaboration.