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Plant-based Vegan Cooking For One

I’m Judy “JJ” Jacobs, and I write about plant-based vegan cooking for one (or two). I’m a late-blooming herbivore who adopted this lifestyle for a multitude of reasons including my health, our environment, and my compassion for animals.

Welcome – I’m so glad you’re here!

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Cooking for One + Plant-Based Vegan Lifestyle – my way

Admittedly I’m a lazy plant-based vegan. And if I could eat out for every meal, I probably would. It’s just easier to do so when you’re cooking for yourself.

So eating out is what I did – for years. And when I wasn’t dining out, I found it WAY easier to open a bag or a box of something that resembled food and said, “dinner is served.”

This mindset and behavior made my weight, blood pressure, and cholesterol soar out of control.

Then I turned 60 and read the book “How Not to Die” by Dr. Michael Greger.

It changed my life!

With Greger’s hard-core facts about the food industry and the effects manufactured foods had on our bodies (which he backs with scientific proof), I switched from a processed, fast-food garbage diet to a whole-food, plant-based vegan lifestyle.

I quickly lost 14 pounds, and my health improved. I began reading books about veganism and started watching movies like “Forks Over Knives,” “Supersize Me,” “Food, Inc.,” and “Fed Up.”

But sustaining this way of eating every single day became challenging for me – especially since I live alone and run a busy property management company. I grew tired of cooking the same meals, chopping up countless fruits and vegetables, and often ate leftovers for days.

After several stressful events, I began eating fast food and processed garbage again. It began with Oreos, French fries, and Fritos, which I justified because they are all vegan. Then vegan cheese, wine, and crackers became a nightly dinner ritual.

And when I began feeling crappy, I told myself my body needed more protein. So I began eating actual cheese, real butter, and salmon and told myself it was OK because it was organic.

But it wasn’t OK.

I was lying to myself, and my body revolted as my weight, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels shot up even higher.

So I started over again – as a plant-based vegan.

…..and just exactly what is a plant-based vegan?

A whole food, plant-based (WFPB) vegan avoids any foods that are highly processed, including vegan mayo, cheeses, and butter. They do not eat faux meats like Tofurkey, soy dogs, burgers, etc., and some WFPB vegans limit their intake of fats, oils, sugars, and salt.

I’m not entirely there as of this writing, but I’m edging my way there slowly. I do include some recipes here on the blog that have these ingredients. They’re here because they are older recipes of mine, and they’re delicious.

So depending on where you are in your vegan journey, by all means enjoy them! I want this to be an inclusive community and a safe, no-judgment zone. If adding a splash of olive oil or salt makes your tastebuds sing when you’re making one of my recipes, go for it!

Honestly, I’m never going to be a perfect vegan.

I write this blog to share my journey with people like you who may also be struggling with the same or a similar situation, want to cook healthy meals for themselves, or are looking to eat a more plant-based vegan diet.

There will occasionally be some slip-ups and culinary diversions because that’s just how I roll.

But if this lifestyle is going to be sustainable, then it needs to fit easily into my life in a simple, delicious, affordable, and enjoyable way.

I’ve been cooking for myself for many years, so I’ve learned a few tricks for making small meals, grocery shopping, meal prep, and planning.

If you want to learn how to create tasty, quick, and plant-based vegan meals for yourself, please follow along.

Quote "Life's a marathon, not a sprint" by Phillip C. McGraw


If you call yourself a vegan and occasionally eat a bowl of popcorn with real butter or ice cream (instead of “nice” cream), welcome!! And if using sugar, oils, and salt is needed to brighten up a recipe? Use them.

Food is to be enjoyed. And if you’re here, then it means you’re already on the path of choosing some healthy options. That is awesome and congratulations!!!

You will never be shamed while I’m around.

This lifestyle is fabulous, frustrating, fun, fussy, and fantastic, all at the same time. The changes don’t happen overnight – they take a little time.

But the day you wake up, bounce out of bed, and are free from achy joints will be the day you know it was worth the wait.

Just do it at your own pace, and don’t let the naysayers get you down. Tell them you get plenty of protein from the delicious foods you eat, and crunch away knowing you’re doing this for yourself.

It’s your journey, and I can’t wait to share it with you.

My grandmother always said, “eat from the earth.”

Grandmas are always right, aren’t they??? And what better way to do just that than making delicious plant-based vegan foods for yourself or someone you love?

Thanks for following along!

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I love trying out new products and services and look forward to discussing a possible collaboration with you. I make up for what I may lack in blogging experience with lots of creativity and enthusiasm! Let’s chat.